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Jupiter - Zeus in the Greek Pathology

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Essay Preview: Jupiter - Zeus in the Greek Pathology

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Name: Jupiter

Greek Name: Zeus

Also Known As: Jove, Adultus, Brontaeus, Fulgur, Muscarius


Jupiter is the equivalent of Zeus in the Greek Pathology, so their origin is practically identical. Jupiter was the king of the gods, and the god of light and sky. He is a son of Saturn and brother of Neptune and Juno (who is also his wife). It is believed that Saturn was told that one day, his son would overthrow him. In fear, he ate his children right after his wife gave birth. After swallowing five children, Jupiter was hidden at birth by his mother and switched him with a rock to fool Saturn into thinking he had swallowed his newborn son. As Jupiter got older, he got the strength to kill his father and rescue his siblings.


Jupiter was famous for his symbol of the thunderbolt. His other symbols besides lightning, were the scepter, the eagle, bull, the oak, and his aegis (the goat-skin of Amaltheia)


Jupiter was depicted as a regal man, mature with sturdy figure and had a white beard and blond hair. Jupiter was known as a powerful leader and a peacemaker. He was able to replace chaos with order and was able to judge fairly. Although peaceful, Jupiter was unfaithful to his wife by having affairs with other goddesses and mortal women.

Powers and Abilities:

Jupiter was a god who could control both lighting and rain. He could also control certain types of storms and wield very powerful thunder bolts. Jupiter also had the ability to fly and shape shift.

Important Events:

Jupiter had many important events throughout his life. As a child, Jupiter was raised in a cave, so that he would be protected from his father. There were other special events such as, The Titan War and the day he overthrew his father. Jupiter was also in many important battles such as, his battle with Typhoeus, The War of the Giants, and his conflict with Prometheus. Jupiter also participated in The Great Deluge in which he flooded the earth to destroy mankind and begin a new world.

Fun Facts:

* Jupiter was also known as the God of Fertility

* He was the youngest son of Saturn

* He was famous for his many affairs

* His Father tried to eat him, after eating his siblings

* He made his father throw up his brothers and sisters

* The thunderbolt is his symbol which he got from Cyclops to fight against the titans and his father

* He married his sister Juno

* He



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