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Moving to America

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Moving to America

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jason Huo, i came from China. This is my 5th year in the unite state. Today, i'm here to share some experiences of life changing. These changes are turning points in my life.

Apr, 7th 2006 was my 16 years old birth day, but i didn't celebrate it. Because my father and i just arrived JFK international airport. I still remember father's face, he was excited with tears. My mother came to America along in 2000, my parents applied emigrating to America, but only my mom past the test. she sacrificed a lot for my father and i, life in the U.S was not easy for a newcomer. I didn't believe this, because life is happy and beautiful in The U.S.A in movie. Finally, i found out, that my mother told truth.

I felt that my life was mess. After i arrived savannah, april was too late to get in school. So my parents let me work at their restaurant until school start.

Restaurant jobs were heavy, and dirty. i worked 10-10 everyday. My English was poor. So i have to do the basic jobs. i entered school at September 2006, it was miserable, i didn't have friends, because my language problem. I started depressed, every day go school, sit in chair, sleep, wait for the ring then go home . This situation continued one year. Finally, my mother couldn't just watch me down and down. She said some thing try to encourage me, but i couldn't take her kindness and said some thing offensive. I understand that i need learn more in school and improve my english. But i just depressed and wont do nothing. Until one day, i saw my mother come back home, and really tired, she is not young, and has to do some heavy jobs. Suddenly, i realized this is the time to do some thing, not only for her, but also for my life. After this turning point, i start study and make friends. Life is not easy for everyone, the only difference is more or less. I learned that when you face to something, you don't think too much, you just do it. The point of life is not choice what to do, because most of the times you cant choice.



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