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Le'quisha's Paper

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I. Introduction

A. Thesis Statement

There are so many people that have a struggle communicating with each other. There are many times when someone thinks they have good communication skills, or think they communicate very well with their partners but somewhere down the line the communication either stops or becomes routine. I say routine meaning that their conversations are only about kids, work, chores, etc. Studies show that less than half of the couples in the United States have poor communication skills, verbal and nonverbal.

II. Body paragraph #1 - Topic Sentence # 1

A. Explaining the principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communication.

The principles and misconceptions in effective interpersonal communication are: treat each other with respect; do not interrupt each other; know that we have a right to pass; don't volunteer others, speak for ourselves; respect the time that you talk and give someone else time to speak also; challenge the behavior and not the person; and respect the rule of confidentiality.

III. Body paragraph #2 - Topic Sentence #2

A. Developing strategies for active, critical and empathic listening

It is important that you develop strategies for active, critical and empathetic listening. You can repeat what was said to you, because it shows that you are listening and paying attention; you can write it down so you can remember; you can maintain eye contact and provide nonverbal cues like moving your head, smiling, etc. Asking questions are always good ways to let someone know you are listening. Most importantly, you need to avoid outside distractions meaning try to listen to the person and not everything else that is going on around you.

IV. Body paragraph #3 - Topic Sentence #3

A. Recognizing how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, and perception.

It is important that you understand how your words can affect your attitude, behavior and perception. It depends on the tone of your voice, the look on your face, and the mood of the conversation that can determine the outcome of your conversation. You always have to choose your words carefully and make sure you know the meaning before you say the word, because it can mean something totally different than what you thought it meant.

V. Body paragraph #4 - Topic Sentence #4

A. Understanding how perceptions, emotions, and nonverbal expressions can affect interpersonal relationships.

It is important to understand how your perceptions of things can affect your interpersonal relationships. You can see something one way, and your partner can



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