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Leadership Essay - Transformational Leader - Coach Carter

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Essay Preview: Leadership Essay - Transformational Leader - Coach Carter

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Leadership Essay- Transformational Leader (Coach Carter)

Transformational leaders are individuals who lead by doing. By taking

actions these leaders are making a difference in the world. They continually

change themselves as well. They stay flexible, adaptable, and continually

improve those around them. They do this by having a positive attitude. When

we constantly surround ourselves with positive people we too become positive

thinkers. They have a "vision". Its this vision that inspires both transformational

leaders and people in general to accomplish their goals. They are also

intellectually stimulated. They see new solutions to old problems and they think

"outside the box". When there seems to be no possible solution to an everlasting

issue they think "There must be a way". Lastly although this task is quite difficult,

they inspire others to do better. Many people look up to these leaders and

aspire to be more like them. There fore after reviewing these qualities and

strengths transformational leaders have I believe that Coach Carter is a great

example of a transformational leader.

Coach Carter is a basketball coach who was given a position at a new

school. When he arrives at the gym and meets the team he soon realizes he has

his work cut out for him. The team is a group of boys who have decided to

forget about their grades and focus only on basketball. Instantly coach Carter

decides to take a stand and take action. He tells the boys that until their grades

are up they will no longer be able to play period. He inspires them to do better

academically and even when the gym is unlocked and the men are allowed

back in they continue to work on their studies. They do this because they have

been inspired by him. In fact they look up to him as a role model. He changed

them for the better and made them realize the right choices they needed to

make for themselves. In the movie coach mentions that, "The journey of a

thousand miles begins with the first step... Average is just not good enough

period". This quote really stuck with me because sometimes when I have a

difficult task at hand I think, "Alright, I tried. Time to give up!" However after I

watched this movie I realized that as humans we are always going to be facing



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