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Legal Process Case

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Legal Process

Managing cultural diversity and putting a stop to discrimination in the workplace is important. Corporations should maintain equity and inclusion for their workforce and develop ways to continually motivate employees. This also implies that management must be committed to measurable change within the organization. When employees and management become well versed on functioning within a globally diverse environment it is a triumph for parties involved. Today's corporations have a diverse mix based upon gender, race, ethnicity, age, gender, and national origin.

As the population increases, gender, and age discrimination are becoming "hot topic' issues. Women now "face the possibility of double discrimination for both age and gender" (Strain, 2012). These laws are violated daily all across the United States. Age discrimination makes it illegal to victimize employees over the age of 40.

Workplace discrimination can be a tricky situation. To minimize discrimination in the workplace seminars, training classes, and other resources should be put into practice to inform employees. By providing this information employers and employees can be educated in encouraging tolerance and awareness; it can also prevent discrimination, harassment, and workplace violence. Once educated in diversity enforcement of the equal opportunity guidelines will also help maintain evenhandedness among all ethnicities and sexes and promote equality, this can also diminish the likelihood of an employer accused of showing preferential treatment.

The scenario states that John is an employee in a private sector organization and has decided to file a discrimination complaint against his employer. The litigation and discrimination complaint process will be given in detail about how it pertains to an employee and employer inside a private sector organization.

There are certain processes that must be followed if John wants to pursue the suit against his private sector employer.

First, a claim must be submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) when an employee believes discrimination has occurred. Within 180 days of the discrimination incident the submitted claim must be filed. Once the discrimination complaint is filed with the EEOC, within 10 days of the discrimination complaint being filed, the employer of the private sector company receives the complaint notice (EEOC, 2012). Once John files the discrimination complaint with the EEOC, this starts the reconciliation process.

The United States court system enforces all suits brought before the EEOC. After the discrimination lawsuit is filed by John, the EEOC will establish, by means of an investigation, the priority level of the claim and if any laws have been broken. Of course at any point during the process a settlement may be pursued; however if it is not workable,



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