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Legalization of Marijuana

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Essay Preview: Legalization of Marijuana

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In todays society there are many subjects that people don't really like to speak about because it is considered taboo. The legalization of marijuana is a topic that has been widely debated especially now with the upcoming election. Many people believe that marijuana is a dangerous drug that should be banned. Then again there are many others that believe it is a miracle drug that should be legalized and researched. The topic is completely open for debate.

It is no secret that marijuana has been given a very bad reputation in the past few years. For decades marijuana has been linked to crime, hostility, and even a case of human cannibalism in 2012. People give marijuana a bad reputation for the same reason they used to give alcohol a bad reputation and that is because they believe by prohibiting these things they are preventing crime and abuse in society.

People don't usually think of marijuana as a healer and that's something that we need to change. Marijuana has helped relieve people of nausea, vomiting and has increased the appetite of people suffering with extreme illnesses such as cancer and aids. Marijuana has also helped glaucoma patients. For years we have been trying to find a way to alleviate some of the discomfort and pain these patients go through everyday. Marijuana is not a harmful drug and we should make everyone aware of this. It has helped thousands of individuals deal with their sicknesses. How could we ban something that is helping so many people, while substances such as alcohol and tobacco continue to take lives everyday.

My task is to educate students, patients, staff, smokers and non-smokers on the benefits of legalization. We need to spread the word and let everyone know of the advantage of legalizing marijuana. Although some people might not agree with legalization they should know the pros and con, how it can help us as a society, and how it can save our economy. There is still so much that has not been discovered. So far marijuana has given cancer patients some relief, now imagine if we find a cure.



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