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Lessons from Enc 1101

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Essay Preview: Lessons from Enc 1101

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Lessons From ENC 1101

My first college English class was a little more difficult than I expected it to be. Many new skills have been learned by everyone who took part in this class. I look forward to what semester two has to offer.

We were given several assignments each week. Our weekly assignments were due by Sunday at 11:59 each week. We also had essays that were due at a certain time with no exceptions. These deadlines taught us to use our time wisely and to make sure everything was finished in a timely manner.

After we posted rough drafts of our essay's or posted our discussion board thoughts, 3 peers could review with a minimum of 150 words. These peer reviews helped us to see what we could improve on. Also, writing the peer reviews taught us to kindly critique our fellow classmate's papers.

We also learned many different ways to improve our writing style. We read many essays from very well-known authors and could pick up on new ways to add to our writing. Another important thing we learned is how to write an essay in MLA style format. We learned how to stay on topic and use better punctuation and grammar. I feel that this class has made me a little bit more of a disciplined person and prepared me for the rest of my school and job career.

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