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Lextant -Three Stages - Idea Generation, Screening, and Concept Testing

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Essay Preview: Lextant -Three Stages - Idea Generation, Screening, and Concept Testing

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The new product development process has seven stages. However, in my opinion, there are three stages which a company such as Lextant might provide value to a marketer. Three stages are idea generation, screening, and concept testing.

Lextant is a company, which can be called an efficient assistant of producers. Lextant has many services such as concept innovation, firm provide user research or web interface design, speech recognition and so on. In facts, it has been be particularly helpful in working with its service providers by some ways below. Firstly, Lextant researches consumer behaviors. The ways that Lextant usually use to research are interviewing, asking questions consumer about the old products' concerns. Moreover, Lextant also does observations to get the consumer's thinking and feeling about current goods and services. These works can help Lextant understands what the consumers' wants, needs and emotions. After that, Lextant workers will support by bringing back researches and mixing with their own experiences and then, create new idea products. Secondly, Lextant continues to choose best or greatest or the most unique ideas in whole ideas, which are researched in the idea generation stage, to translate those researches into actionable criteria or opportunities that inform and inspire firms' design teams. Specifically, Lextant will do test products follow the researches with higher quality or different design and then ask some of people to compare old one with new idea one. This step help Lextant workers know the changes are useful or not. Lastly, concept testing is also an important stage. Lextant researchers help services providers to be confident with new idea product. Thus, during concept testing, they will use usability testing approaches by asking a list of variable questions depend on types of product. The result of concept testing can help product development to be better.

Lextant might help a company develop line extensions and new products by continuing to observe and ask questions which are related to new products. For example, is it simple yet?, or which benefits are especially attractive to you?. This step help Lextant workers find the advantages or disadvantages and then they can create the ideas to improve the advantages or existing ones and develop new products. In a different way, the insight translation of Lextant can satisfy consumers' wants and needs better.

The work of Lextant doesn't stop here. After researching, designing researches, and improving new products, it does help company get more consumers. In facts, Lextant workers show the new products' information, goal and benefit to consumers; make buyers have better, more satisfying experiences. Totally, Lextant does things, which encourage consumer decides to buy new products or line extensions. It means Lextant built consumers' adoption of new product.

In conclusion, Lextant Company can



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