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Live Life as It Is

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Essay Preview: Live Life as It Is

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The real essence of life is about how you will live it well and maneuver it in the direction that will make your life worth living. In order to attain success you should be resilient in what life throws at you, accept changes courageously, and be responsible for own happiness.

Let’s talk about resiliency; in order for you not to wack in the rough road of life you should never let your emotions get you to your knees. Strategize your mind on getting over those psychological or emotional barriers in achieving goals in life. Being dipped in quagmire doesn’t mean give up. I always put in my mind that life is about “how you stand after you fall”. Try to see the different angles of life and use it to defy gravity.

Next is, accept changes courageously. Meaning, you have to adapt and play your role like a pro. As what my grandpa says “when you’re in Rome, you should do what the Romans do”. It doesn’t necessarily means on physical attributes but also in dealing with problems. If life throws you problems accept it, find ways to hold your ground, and in the end you will realize that life will teach you not only to adapt but to mold you to become a better person who can withstand all the trials and understand the true meaning of life. You should know that problems are there just for a moment and whatever difficulty that you may be facing at present serves a purpose for your own growth. Understanding yourself is the most important tool for inner strength. Problems teaches us how to be soft not tough in surrendering the pains and learning from these.

Lastly, be responsible for your own happiness. Acknowledging that you are the captain of your own soul is also a key to resiliency. Remember that we always do have a choice in life. Choosing makes us responsible to whatever path we will take. Once you own responsibility for yourself and your actions, it is a significant step to moving forward towards happier life and make goals easy, and away from negative situation.

Being resilient is characterized by proactive mindset, healthy sense of self, and well-developed spirituality, as well as realistic and positive perception of life. Shift your focus for betterment, take more risks, brush off failures, and break familiar patterns like living your life the way other wants you to live it ( being dictated or too conscious about what people will think or say about you).

Resiliency isn’t just about being fixed to a single belief or not being open to new experiences, but being able to flow, not to be afraid of breaking and going beyond comfort zone.

Life is an adventure of passion, risk, danger, laughter, beauty, and love. A burning curiosity to go with the action to see what it is all about, and to live to the end.

Nothing can compensate experience.



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