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Maintain Current Product Strategy

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Essay Preview: Maintain Current Product Strategy

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Alternative 1 (Maintain Current Product Strategy)

: If it maintains the current business strategy Cima's goals will be difficult to achieve due to the slow growth, because the competition will continue to erode its market share. Also, the consumer application of the hiking boot has migrated from the serious hiker to being fashionable as everyday casual footwear.

-Alternative 2 (Enter the Weekender market with 2 new boot designs)

: Entering Weekender market has attractive aspects: [1] It responds to a shift in the hiking boot market toward a more casual, stylish hiking boot used for a variety of activities; and [2] It offers growth opportunities

-Alternative 3 (Expend existing lines with three new boots)

: It will be consists of adding two new hiking boot styles and one new mountaineering boot.

By offering additional styles, they should be able face the rapidly increasing competition more effectively. In addition, the extension of the summit line to lower price points should help attract the younger purchasers.

-Alternative 4 (Expend high-end focus and enter Weekender market)

: This seeks to leverage the merits of addressing both the Weekender segment and expansion of Cima's presence in the high-end boot market. It is less focused on the current strategy of the company and the development of a lower-end boot for the Weekender market would dilute the quality image of Cima's existing lines.

-Alternative 5 (Sell Cima)

: This would be appropriate should management fail to find a viable strategy to turn around the negative trends Cima has experienced.



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