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Maintenance of Your Vehicle

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Essay Preview: Maintenance of Your Vehicle

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Maintenance of Your Vehicle

Specific Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to teach you the proper way to care for your vehicle, why it is important, and most of all to save you time and money in the near future.

Attention Grabber: How would you like to potentially save thousands of dollars each year? For just ten minutes of your time I can provide you with all the information to do just that.

Establish Credibility: I have been turning wrenches on cars and trucks since I was about 13 years old; I have more knowledge about the everyday upkeep and maintenance than the average person. I will also be stating facts about each component underlined in my speech today and providing hard evidence of all information given to you.

Audience Interest and Well-being: For each main topic I will start with how much money a person can save just by doing the maintenance on their own, if I start to lose interest in audience I will reiterate how much money can be saved and how to prevent them from becoming a victim of a broken down vehicle.

Central Idea and Speech Map: There are a few crucial ways to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently. You must know the proper way and frequency of changing the oil in your vehicle. The next most frequent and possibly most important step to insure your vehicle runs smoothly is the braking equipment, and finally it is essential for you to know when and how to give your vehicle a proper tune up to ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine, because that is exactly what it is.

Transition Sentence: The easiest and most frequent step in keeping your vehicle healthy and in good condition is an oil change.

Topic Sentence: I will explain how and why it is important to change the oil and filter in your vehicle. In this section I will also present you with factual information as to why a proper oil change is so important, and of course how much money you will save by doing this task yourself.

Evidence and Citations: I will explain how frequently you should change your oil, benefits of changing your oil and the effects this has on your gas mileage which will also save you money.

Benefits of A Proper Oil Change; http://fameautomotive.com/2011/08/22/the-benefits-of-a-proper-oil-change/; Foreign Automotive and Mechanical Engineers (FAME); August 22, 2011

Audience interest and Well-being: I will keep everyone interested by reminding them how much money they will save and also that they can preserve the life of their vehicle, which will also save them money.

Concluding Statement: In this section I explained how to change the oil and filter in your vehicle but most importantly, why it is necessary you need to accomplish this and how often.

Transition Sentence: The next most frequent and possibly most important step in ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained and safe



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