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Uses of Vehicles

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Uses of Vehicles

Every 16- year-old is always anxious for their first vehicles. Generally they are looking to get a truck or car, but there are a few people who look forward to their first airplane or boat. Even thou you may think it is strange or different there are those people who want to be just like his/her parents and get a boat or airplane. There are four main categories of vehicles and they include cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats.

Cars are normally used for medium length travels because they receive better gas mileage then a truck. They also provide style which many people want their cars to have, so that they are able to show off to their friends and/or other people. Also cars are used for smaller sized loads between houses or towns. People will move stuff between houses when they themselves are moving in to a new house, are helping others move, or when they are going to a friend's house for a party or other special event. They main reason people will use cars to transport items between towns is grocery or clothes shopping. Cars are very resourceful vehicles and many people own them because they are cheap on gas and are less harmful on the environment than most other vehicles.

Trucks, however, are not so good on the environment because they tend to have quite lower gas mileage then cars and produce more exhaust that harms the environment. Trucks do have some advantages over cars though. They are able to haul large and/or heavy objects in their beds. Trucks are able to pull trailers like cars, but trucks are able to pull more weight and objects. Many people will get trucks because of this ability and they also used trucks more often than cars to move stuff between two or more houses. Many outdoors people use them when they are hunting to set up their stands, feeders, or finding a place to sit. Trucks are very resourceful and helpful, but have two big disadvantages of lower gas mileage and the amount of exhaust they produce.

Airplanes are vehicles that are used to travel long distances for work, leisure, or military use. Airplanes are very resourceful because they are able to transport large loads over long distances alone with many people. Airplanes are also able to go over long distances very quickly and that is a big reason they are used world-wide. Airplanes are also used by many people because they are a lot safer than driving and car or truck because they have experience fewer accidents. Airplanes are also widely used in the military for the transport of troops and military equipment over long distances at a high rate of speed. They are also used for bombing enemy military bases to eventually force them into surrender or the destruction of enemy storage facilities. Airplanes are used world-wide mainly for transport of people and objects, but they have many other uses also.

Boats are also used by a large amount of people mainly by people



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