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Mamee-Double Decker (mdd)

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Excellent research and development (R&D)

        One of the obvious strength for MAMEE-Double Decker (MDD) is that they are good in research and development (R&D) in order to boost their sales and enhance their brand name. Through having a good R&D, MAMEE launches World Cup campaign. As Mamee research found out that many people are fascinated for the World Cup, hence, they launched a new integrated campaign for the FIFA World Cup to showcase their diverse range of snacks. By doing this way, they are able to promote their easy meals and snacks to the many passionate football fans watching in the late nights and early hours of the morning. This is one of the evidence shows that they are good in R&D.

Good in market penetration

        Moreover, the strength for this company is there are good in market penetration. MAMEE has collaborated or join venture with the Japan’s DyDo Drinco Inc. to expand their products offering in the market in the chilled and beverage segment (themalaysianreserve, 2017). By collaborating with DyDo, MAMEE is said to be benefited from the R&D and the advanced technology of DyDo Group’s pharmaceutical arm, as they have a strong, long-lasting relationships with the ingredients and drug manufacturers to stay abreast with the latest developments and able to produce  products that meet market’s needs (themalaysianreserve, 2017).


Limitation of manufacturing facilities

        On the other hand, the weakness of MAMEE is they have only few numbers of manufacturing facilities, which could make them insufficient to meet market demand (mamee, 2014). As MDD’s products are exported to over 100 countries around the world, but it may be insufficient for the company to serve an enough quantities of products to meet the market demand with their limited manufacturing facilities. They only can make limited production in one day, hence, the sales of the company may also be restricted due to the limited products in the market offered.

Weak on brand structure

        Next, the second weakness of MAMEE is that about their weak brand structure organization. Few years ago, they have launched a new product, potato chips, that offered under the brand of ‘Perfecto’ which similar product launched by Mister Potato. This has caused these two brands to have conflict of interest between each other because they are offering similar product to market, and may confused the customers that these two brands are different company. In addition, this brand structure may cause an effect on the profitability of each other within the brands (mamee, n.a).


Market expansion to Islamic countries

        Firstly, there is an obvious opportunity for MAMEE, which is an expansion of their market into other Islamic countries after they have joint venture with the South Korea’s Shinsegae Food to produce halal products, so that they have the opportunity to enter into Islamic countries. MAMEE is said to benefit from the joint venture because they able to strengthen and expand in the Asia-Pacific region due to its vast market by knowing their joint venture partner’s expertise knowledge in the manufacturing and services of Halal food and beverages (thestar, 2017).

Produce new healthy products to meet new demands

        Secondly, nowadays due to people are more focusing on healthy life style and consuming more healthy foods and beverages, therefore it obtains an opportunity for MAMEE to increase their sales by coming out new products that give customers more alternative choices of healthy products to purchase. There was a news mentioned that, MAMEE has started to put effort in negotiating with other international healthy company to adopt their technology into MAMEE’s products in order to produce new healthy product ranges to the market (thestar, 2005).



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