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Management Is in a Business Dilemma

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Essay Preview: Management Is in a Business Dilemma

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Management is in a business dilemma: whether to continue putting all their effort and resources in improving their product in the UK market, and in that way increase their potential for improving sales, or expand beyond their border to other countries in Continental Europe and The United States (far and away the largest market for their products).


Even though Innocent has still room to grow, innovate and improve its products in the UK market, sooner rather than later its product will achieve full maturity there and growth will stagnate, making more difficult to then start looking for new markets and expansion.


Given the interest in Innocent products in the United State as well as in Continental Europe (Ireland is a case in point) and the estimates for growth opportunities, Innocent has the capacity, the products, the money and the management team to expand. However, this decision of expansion is not agreed upon by all the three founders, who in the end will have the last work on the issue to whether expand or not.


Time may have come to decide on one CEO for the company who will still have advice from the main management team and employees but who will act expeditiously when good opportunities (such as the one to expand to other markets) come the company's way. Also, if the three founders do not have any intentions of selling the company as of yet, then they should seriously think about expanding their business beyond the UK border in order to have long-term vision with respect t growth. Furthermore, Continental Europe, for its proximity to the UK, should be--if they want to act conservatively--a place to test the water on the expansion option and possibility and feasibility to the United States.



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