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What did participants learn about their own values (and ethical reasoning) compared with those of other members of their group? How do these values affect their lives, both at work and out of work?

In the management meeting which aims to rank the priority of health care spending for the next financial year, every participant expressed their opinion. Some them choose mental health care as first choice, some chose Cardiology. They all from different view to express what they think are valuable to the society.And these different view are based on different experience every people has.

To what extent have personal experiences within the health care area affected the individual participants' rankings? If there are cases where this has happened, discuss the impact that lack of objectivity has upon making decisions.

Most of the participants don't really have experience within the health care area.

The arguments I choose is public image. Because I think most corporate pay attention to the social responsibility is they believe doing that can increase the company's reputation, establish positive brand image, so that increase public trust and company profit.

Rolf Dobeli said good corporate image can increase value of the corporations. In our own real life, if a company pays low wages or unfair payment to its employees, then people won't think it is a good company.

Customer also can vote their performance expectation with purchase dollars. That why we say public image not only for the other people, in the end the long term benefactor is the company itself

The company for example like Apple, they value their public image and try their best to react their social responsibility, like they offer good welfare to employees. They participate a lot of charity activities.



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