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Managing Conflict in Organizations Chapter Summaries

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Essay Preview: Managing Conflict in Organizations Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 8 - Intergroup conflict is typically over real differences that are poorly managed. The author explains elements of and sources of conflict. He also discusses perceptual and cognitive factors that affect intergroup conflict. It stood out to me when he identified 3 theories that predict that individuals in group conflict will engage in misperceptions that accentuate group differences. I find that so interesting that people will tend to be so consistently rigid. The author describes group-level factors that usually prevent the members of the groups to actually engage in the analysis and interaction required for constructive resolution. This is why third-party intervention is usually necessary. The author then outlines some necessary skills for a third-party intervenor such as: understanding of social conflict, integrity, detachment, self-confident, articulate, respectful, concise, organized, empathetic.

Chapter 9 - The PSMD model is process that focuses on using problem solving techniques to make decisions and in turn resolve conflict. The model consists of four stages: (1) diagnosis (2) Brainstorming for alternative solutions (3) Making a Decision (4) committing to the decision. The author outlines 7 common biases that interfere with decision making. Learning to eliminate these biases will help rational negotiation.

Chapter 10 - I really don't "get" this chapter. I know everyone else is commenting on how timely and important the author's message it so it leaves me scratching my head as to what I am missing. It was one statistic after another that I simply lost interest in. I am going to re-read it this coming week. Perhaps I was in a bad frame of mind. I will summarize it after I re-visit the material.



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