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Market-Driven Initiatives

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Essay Preview: Market-Driven Initiatives

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Strategic marketing is one of the key components to a business. It plays an important role in designing and implementing the business's objectives and its performance. A business should be very responsive and competitive to market changes because of the current trend of dynamic markets and ever-changing innovation and technologies. Without strategic marketing, consumers could not be engaged to a brand, which will lead the business to be left far behind its competitors.

In my report, I would like to summarize slide 36, which covers corporate, business and marketing (5). It is basically about an organization's commitment and success in designing its market-driven strategies and its market-driven program development. My example would be the Walt Disney Company, which has been an inspiring company for me since the first time I went to its resort.

Being one of the leaders in the entertainment industry, Walt Disney undoubtedly has among the best market-driven strategies. It has been very flexible and responsive continuously towards market changes. In addition, Disney has developed its core competencies that made them ahead of others. Therefore, there is hardly any other entertainment company that has been able to compete or even be equal to the Disney.

The main reason is because of its market-targeting strategy as Disney basically targets all levels of generations from the newborn to the elderly. In addition, the company has also expanded its marketplace globally in order to reach themselves out to the extended market area. They have built their parks not only in the United States, but also in France, Japan and Hong Kong. In these markets, Disney has successfully position its company as the leader of creative arts, imaginations and entertainment leader.



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