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Marketing Plan for Arte Handicrafts Company

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan for Arte Handicrafts Company

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ARTE is a company owned by three young women entrepreneur. We have seven years of experience in the distribution of handicrafts. We make, buy and distribute handicrafts from Colombia. Our products are high quality and completely original; each piece is carefully handcrafted by people from Colombian native tribes, prisoners, teenagers in correctional, and children and old people who decide to collaborate with the company. Arte will start selling crafts from Colombia but eventually it will sell craft from the entire world. We have chosen United States to be the main distributor because it is a multicultural country. Arte uses different producers because it shows the creativity of all kind of people. In addition, we get products at low costs so we would be able to sell the products with accessible prices. This company more than sell products and get profit wants to show to the entire world the culture and traditions of many countries through art. In the future ARTE wants to open a non-government institution to support social organizations and events against cancer, and children and old people without home. We have long and short term objectives, as the same as financial and non-financial goals. However, the main goal of this organization is become the biggest company of handicrafts in the entire world. ARTE is a company with good ethical behavior and the best place to improve as an artesian and entrepreneur. Welcome to ARTE's marketing plan, enjoy the project and I hope to see you soon as one of our loyal customers. Thank you.


We start the company in 2004. The idea of selling crafts arose when I and two friends prepared a project for our last year and to graduate from high school. We decide to interview people of jail and homeless; in one of the visits to the jail we knew some people who work to reduce their sentence. Most of them elaborate pieces of wood and stones, and few of them elaborate clothes, purses hand-woven and others. We always enjoy of crafts so we liked some of the stuffs that were produced there; we decide to buy some purses, earrings, and necklace and after few days we had sold everything. Weeks later after graduation, we decide to buy more products and sell them in small towns of the city. For one year we sold the merchandise we got in jail and then decide to travel to other cities during the weekends. We knew small tribes that elaborated beautiful crafts and we saw it as the second opportunity to get more products and different suppliers. I had to come to the United States in 2006 and we had to finish the business for some months.

In 2008 we decided to sell crafts in the United States; my friends in Colombia contacted again past suppliers, and sent me merchandise. In the middle of 2008 we started ARTE Inc.

This company will start with $5,000.00 Dollars. $500.00 is used to open the corporation; $300.00 for website development; $5400.00 to purchase merchandise; $800.00 for the purchase of a computer; $3000.00 to pay rent and other expenses. The first six months the products will be sold online, at art Fairs and flea markets while the company gets profit to start local stores.


ARTE's strategy is to aggressively develop and market a full range collection to consumers. The company's objective is to make an impact on the fashion industry and create a large consumer demand for the product.


ARTE's mission is to encourage people of all ages, genders and customs to develop interest in different traditions. Selling handicrafts, ARTE wants to expand culture by providing unique products from the entire world and establish my reputation as an exceptional business.


* Develop employment by contacting local artisan groups and make them part of the production process in the business.

* To show the Colombian's handicrafts to the entire world

* Support third world countries' economy by acquiring handicrafts from its artisan.

* Create a place where children can learn how to make handicrafts and help them to be creative and productive.

* Increase the net profit each year.

* Create and sell original handicrafts at low prices.

* Establish a website to provide more information and to initiate non-local sales.


Our goals over the next five years are:


* To provide high quality products.

* To provide the best service.

* To import art and handicrafts from Colombia and eventually the entire world to expand culture and tradition in the United States.

* To help people in jail and teenagers in rehabilitation.

* To support campaigns such as breast cancer in social events.

* To take advantage of natural resources and recycled material to produced handicrafts.


* To get back financial investment in five months.

* To increase sales as double every year.

* To get better cost of suppliers after the first year.

* To brand these handicrafts

* To start local stores in different cities of the United States after three years.

* After four years, to open stores in Mexico and Canada.

* In the fifth year, to open stores in India, China, and Italy.


* Accessible website, making the website easy to navigate. The website is the best place to show the business.

* Establish contact with art fairs to sell our products around the country with low expenses.

* Maintain a strong presence in the regional arts and craft festivals.

* Inflexible commitment to the quality of the product.

* Successful marketing


We understand that as many companies in the market we have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,



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