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Marketing Plan Final - the Make Up and Break up Emporium

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Essay Preview: Marketing Plan Final - the Make Up and Break up Emporium

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Final Marketing Plan

Petrina Bedford

Fuand Jackson

Latasha Irving

Kwana Patterson

Reiko Williamson

Principals of Marketing

Spring 2011

May 5, 2011

The Make Up and Break Up Emporium

(The Ultimate BF)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the very highest quality of client care. We will provide convenient and comprehensive service that is unmet by any other organization. We will maximize profits through technology and vision. We will commit ourselves to building strong business to business alliances. We will maintain the highest ethical and moral standards.

Geographic Location

South Loop

Chicago, Illinois 60605

Product Mix

The attributes of our services are essential and helpful to a couple's everyday lifestyle. The perfect couple does not exist in the world today, says the general public, so we say why not help people become the perfect couple. We help n every aspect needed to achieve your goal of becoming the perfect couple. Our make-up services also benefit the partner in the wrong, but want to make it right. We view relationships as a vital and important part of everyday life.

We have a make-up service for every particular problem in a relationship.

* Flower Delivery - For the partner who just wants to send flowers for a special occasion (anniversary, etc), holiday, specified reason (apologizing, etc.), or just to be nice.

* Messenger service- We will offer courier services for the delivery of small packages and messages for the partner always on the run or those who just want to add some sort of elegance to their messages. We send messages by internet, phone, or even in person if the consumer wants that particular type of service.

* Counseling- If the consumer feels the need to have professional help to get the relationship where it needs to be, we can appoint them with one of our personal relationship counselors.

* Consultation - This is for the non-serious clients who just want to get advice tips and try our services. We would evaluate the client's relationship goals and recommend the best service that would allow them to achieve those goals.

The services we give to the client for separating from a relationship consist of a safe and positive exit rather than a negative exit. We feel the services should be willing to give the consumer the freedom that they want. We want to give the consumer the happy life they feel they need even if it does mean getting away from a partner and being single again. We want to have the tools ready for you to make a departure that was either planned or unexpected.

The break-up services takes the company's vision deeper than expected:

* Court Orders- We would have the tools and documents ready for the consumer to prepare court orders of all sorts.

* Moving Service - If the consumer need to move in a day, week, or a month, the company would have trucks ready for pick-up to get you to your next place of residence

* Legal Advice Service-We would appoint the client to one of our own personal lawyers that would give the consumer the best legal advice dealing with divorces and break-ups

* Message Service-If the consumer feel the need to break-up with a partner in style or just don't have the ability to do it them-self, we would do it for them by phone, internet, in person, singing telegrams, or several other ways

* Consultation-The consumer can consult with one of our professionals to get an opinion on the best and safest option out of a their relationship

* Private Investigation- The consumer can come to us to connect with one of our certified partners that investigates infidelity in relationships

* Relocation Services- We would help the consumer research and find a new home in another state that would benefit them short-term and long-term

* Referral Services - For those clients that have more complex relationship programs and those that require more specialized care. We offer referrals to specialist that we feel can best meet the needs of our clients at discounted prices.

New Product Description

Our business is developed to help people make up, breakup, and everything in between. We offer services ranging from creative paybacks to relocation services.

Break Up

➢ Court orders

➢ Moving Van service

➢ Legal advice service

➢ Message service

* Phone

* Internet

* In person

* Singing telegram

* Flowers (edible arrangements)

➢ Consultation

➢ Private investigation

➢ Relocation services (moving , research, new homes, etc)

➢ Referral services

Make Up

➢ Flower delivery

➢ Message service (as above)

➢ Counseling

➢ Consultation

Business Locations

➢ Online

➢ Office

We will divide the services into packages as an incentive. Think about some prices for our services.

➢ Let's be friends package

➢ This ain't working package

➢ Poof be gone package

SWOTT Analysis



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