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Marketing Research Proposal - Aleve's Brand Company

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Essay Preview: Marketing Research Proposal - Aleve's Brand Company

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Marketing Research Proposal

Case 3.1 Aleve

Executive Summary

This study provides an overview of the proposed research solutions for the Aleve's brand company. The company is committed to provide a quality product to its consumers. Aleve is an over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication that provides relief for a variety of conditions. The Bayer corporation came into Aleve after P&G had not been able to move Aleve beyond a 6 percent market share. The aim of this study is to investigate how to re-establish the Aleve brand identity and how to reach the consumer better than other choices. This research proposal will identify the problems that Aleve are facing, then it will be converted into a marketing research question and objective of the research. The marketing research proposal is divided though different research methods which will be provide in the part of research design. For example, exploratory research, primary and secondary data will be used in different sections of this research. In order to gain relevant information on the objective and the timetable of this study will provide to carry out for the company.

Background Research

Bayer Consumer Care is a division of Bayer Corporation that inherited Aleve, a long-duration over-the-counter painkiller, from Procter & Gamble in 1996. Since its launch in 1994, P&G had not been increasing more than a 6 percent share of the market. In 2001,the general analgesic market was stagnation and sales for Aleve were flat (Resonant Communication, 2009). This research need to be carried out by answering how to help a brand that P&G couldn't build. In term of market segment is taken into people who regularly use pain reliever and prefer long-lasting analgesic as same quality. However, the management of Aleve has hardly increased the market share. Thus, the objective of this study are to help Aleve reach a wider audience, activate new target segments and to develop the brand performance as an attractive consumer.

Competitive position

Many medicines available over the counter (OTC) contain aspirin or other medicines similar to Aleve such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen that require the consumer take two pills every couple of hours. Aleve is the nonprescription, so it is easy to get relief. It provides relief for a variety of condition such as backache, muscular aches, headache and minor arthritis pain.

MDP, MRQ, Componants of MRQs

Management Decision Problem (MDP): According to McDaniel and Gates(2010) define management decision problem which is action oriented to specify the type managerial action required to solve the problem. It could be:

* Should a preference for Aleve be developed over the other choices?

* Should a brand change the perception of consumers?

Management Research Question (MRQ): It is to specify what information is needed to solve the problem and how that information can be obtained effectively(McDaniel and Gates, 2010). This is management research problem that include:

* To rebuild the Aleve brand identity in order to increase the market share in a competitive analgesic category.

* To determine a strategy to grow usage or loyalty to choose Aleve when they faced their analgesic medicine cabinet.

* To determine a group of arthritis sufferers are in the analgesics type looking for an effective pain reliever.

* To



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