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Marrocco - Renewable Energy

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1 Executive Summary

Nowadays there are a lot of companies which want to build up a further mainstay abroad to safeguard the future. At the same time people want to be consulted as good as possible to be prepared for the upcoming risks of international management and the barriers of trade. This paper contains a deep analysis about the investment opportunities in the photovoltaic sector in Morocco. In times of sustainability and environment protection also the question of transferring the produced electricity to Germany occurs and will be analyzed concerning emerging advantages and threats. As there are already existing stable co-operations between Morocco and Germany, a common project seems to be very interesting in many aspects but also will show up weaknesses and risks. Compared to many other markets in the world, Morocco's markets are still relatively untouched and the massive increase in property investments is a very positive basic requirement. The added emphasis given to the growth campaign by the King of Morocco offers substantial weight and support for those taking into consideration to invest prospectively in the country. Most certainly the property market of Morocco is promising and tends to improve and to further grow. At the moment there are several investment projects implemented and the current impression show that the country is set to become a new magnet for both, tourists and property investors. Possessing the only pipeline connection between Africa and Europe, beside adjoining the Sahara Morocco has a high potential concerning future projects in the solar- and photovoltaic branch.

The structure of this paper is composed of the PESTEL analysis a strategic planning technique that provides a useful framework to analyze the environmental pressures, i.e. the prevailing political and legal situation, the economic state, the stage of technological development as well as the structure of population and relevant cultural dimensions of Morocco. The following sequence shows up the results of an industry analysis, which was compiled with the aid of the Porter's Five Forces Model. Conclusively a recommendation will round off the analyses whether it is advisable to invest in Morocco or not, due to the facts of this academic work.



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