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Supreme Solution to the Insensibility of Dissipating the Earth's Energy

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Essay Preview: Supreme Solution to the Insensibility of Dissipating the Earth's Energy

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Having to consider a world with a premeditated calculated nation is indispensable. As of today, scientists have predicted the energy which the people on earth have squandered away the resources enough to consider the decline of all creatures' existence on the planet. Research has shown that enterprises, government facilities and homes have gluttonously, over a steady period of time, eaten away at the reserve of resources up to a point of distributing more than can be given on a prolonged manageable basis. But, have no fear; I have the best solution for such a problem. To solve such a dilemma, it would be best to create a society that has equal riches as anyone else or even better: a world with no money.

At this time/century, ecological damages are in the region of equivalent share to the significant energy's expense. To have a longer lasting life as well as a long time on this planet I suggest we use a part of the government's budget to clean up our air, waste, water, and sewage. Of course, if money was abolished the solution is just use the children, mostly strong teens and college students to use their time to clean, because most of the pollution today and overuse of energy is caused by adolescents. Everyone should just dump all the money into the garbage and celebrate because this would make the world a better place. Everyone would have a great time doing so, as well as be happy from freeing themselves with the overbearing need to make money to survive in this economy. People would not be greedy or have ulterior motives with associating themselves with each other.

The next step is to cure this society's ills is for the human population to dispose of the urban base and to create a community of about five hundred to eleven thousand people which are almost self-regulating cost-effectively with probably small ties to communities. Of course it is necessary that everyone lives in close proximity of their neighbors in the community as well as close to a rations source for him/herself. We can't just stop at creating new communities; if everyone had either equally distributed amounts of money the extra "leftover" money can be poured into receiving the most advanced and earth friendly transportation that conserves our energy. It would also be necessary to achieve the goal that people put aside some of our energy to achieve and continue a crucial eco-friendly communities. Research shows that if you are presently using nine gallons a week of gasoline, the person is consuming another's meal/ lunch, even if the person is not doing this at the moment, by just insulating or lowering the temperature your house, using by means of manufactured items, dialing the phone and many other countless things. All together the person consumes over the eleven gallons of gasoline per week thus showing that the person receives the responsibility of another's missed meal. And I will clearly show and provide



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