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Mary and Child Maternity Clinic Feasibility Study

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Essay Preview: Mary and Child Maternity Clinic Feasibility Study

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  1. Service Description

The services that Mary and Child Maternity Clinic is offering are categorized into three, namely: maternal health care services, child health care services and family planning services.

The major consumers of maternal health care services are the pregnant women while new born babies are the major consumers of child health services. The major consumers of family planning services are the married couples or partners.

The services that the Mary and Child Maternity Clinic offers are mostly found near the Barangay Hall and those are that are not near in the hospital.

  1. Market Description

Philippines now rank as one of the most populous country in the world and continuously growing for an estimated annual average of 2%. In relation to this, birth rate is gradually increasing and it entails for the needs of maternity services of the pregnant women in the country. Davao City contributes a reasonable percentage in this increasing birth rate for it is known as one of the large city in the country and many are encouraged to settle in this place because of its geographical aspects. Barangay Ma-a happened to be as the 5th populous barangay in Davao City last 2007 and its population rate is fluctuating from year 2007 onwards. With this fact it affirms on how good it is to establish a business that responds on the status quo which is offering maternity services.

Maternity services will be accessible to those individuals’ particularly pregnant women in need of maternal health care and family social services which is the family planning. Female; pregnant, has plan to get pregnant (excluding those persons who undergone tubal ligation, already at menopausal stage, etc. which makes them unable to deliver normally); married and unmarried; young and adults age ranges from 16-40; having a household (combined) monthly income of 8,000 and below – lower class (who could afford P3,500 normal delivery service fee) are what comprises the major consumer of the services.

The facility will be located at Anahaw Road, Davao City Jail (near Iglesia ni Kristo), Ma-a, Davao City. The business will be particular to the residents of Barangay Ma-a, Davao City (places from Ma-a Cemetery to NHA Ma-a) where it encompasses the radius of the location which is the places within 1000 meter away.

Ma-a road is considered main road consequently transportation would not be that difficult. Setting the facility on the corner of Anahaw road Maa City Jail the clients since it becomes easy unto them to find the clinic at a reasonable length of time and keeps them away from missing out the place. Public vehicles such as jeepney, taxi, motorcycle and tricycle is accessible at Barangay Maa. Private cars could easily reach the clinic because it is accessible.

Mary and Child Maternity Clinic offer services that are affordable and reasonably priced. With this the quality of service wouldn’t be compromised for it is the life of a child at stake. Woman who are pregnant who wishes to be accommodated first and well chooses to labour at a Maternity Clinic rather than at the hospitals who accommodates a lot of patients. Middle class female pregnant may opt to labour (normal deliver) in a Maternity clinic for its lower price and reliably fast accommodation.

[1]Lower class - (occasionally described as working class) are those employed in low-paying wage jobs with very little economic security. The working class is sometimes separated into those who are employed but lacking financial security, and an underclass—those who are long-term unemployed.

[2]Ligated – Tubal ligation (or "tying the tubes") is surgery to close a woman's fallopian tubes. These tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus. A woman who has this surgery can no longer get pregnant. This means she is "sterile."

[3]Menopausal Stage – Menopausal Stage is the time in a woman's life when her periods (menstruation) eventually stop and the body goes through changes that no longer allow her to get pregnant. It is a natural event that normally occurs in women age 45 - 55.


  1. Demand

In forecasting the demand of the Maternity Clinic, survey was conducted within the 5-km vicinity of Ma-a, Davao City, that is from Purok 13 up to NHA Ma-a. The proponents surveyed 100 female respondents this leads to the following results:

6% of these respondents are female age ranges from 16-20, another 2% are those 21-25 years old, 15% of them ages 26-30, 19% of which are 31-35 years old, and 6% are 36-40 years old. With regards to the preference as to where they want to deliver their child, 51% of the respondents chose hospital, and 40% opted Maternity Clinic while the remaining 9% decided to give birth at home. 44% of the respondents are willing to deliver their child at Maternity Clinic whereas the other 56% does not want to. In relation to the respondents’ ability to pay, 64% of the respondents generate a monthly income of 5,000 and below, the other 33% accumulates income within the range of 5,001-12,500, and for the remaining 3% the respondents earn within the range of 20,000 and above. The respondents’ willingness to pay for packaged maternity services, 82.67% of the respondents can afford only to pay within the range of 3,000-5,000, while 9% are willing to pay within the range of 5,000-7,500, the rest 5.33% has the ability to pay within the range of 7,500-10,000.

This shows that consumers of the service are those pregnant women aging 16-40. There are more who prefer hospitals than maternity clinics and hilot. Also, more than half earn less than the minimum wage which makes the price reasonable.

  1. Supply

The supply was achieved using the two major direct competitors which are the San Rafael Paanakan and Lirio S. Tallo Maternity Clinic. The chosen competitors are determined through the given survey of the proponents to the possible clients. The locations of the competitors are included in the parameter of the target market of the business which could be a risk to the existence of the business.



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