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Mass Production and the Advertisement Industry in the 1920's

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Essay Preview: Mass Production and the Advertisement Industry in the 1920's

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Mass production and the advertisement industry had a multitude of affects on the American people to more of a luxurious lifestyle in more ways than one. Because the advertisements were usually directed toward women, their demeanor gradually changed from conservative housewives to openly smoking and drinking among their peers. Mass production, especially in the auto industry, was a huge contributor to leading America on to the path of becoming a consumerist nation - compared to how it was before, when people only spent their money on necessities instead of merely fulfilling their desires.

In the 1920's, advertising was often directed toward women because advertising companies knew that women did most of the shopping and ran the typical American household. Therefore, they kicked off advertisements by making women the victims of advertisers preying on their insecurities to get them to buy products such as make up or cigarettes. Women were also intrigued by new inventions that were flooding the markets - such as the vacuum cleaner, washing machines, and electric stoves - that would make their everyday lives a hundred times easier. All of these advertisements set new expectations, not just for women, but also for men, whose attire gradually transformed into a formal suit, shoes and a neck tie. People were increasingly open about sexuality, smoking, and drinking because it was becoming more socially acceptable as the 20s wore on. No one person was unaffected by these advertisements that were displayed on large billboards, shown in theaters, or spoken on the radio on a daily basis.

Mass production of goods was another characteristic that contributed to the lavish lifestyles that the American people led in the 20s. The auto industry was by far the most successful than any other industry because car sales across the nation were skyrocketing. Cars made it possible for people to go in and out of cities, and with cars becoming so popular, highways, parking lots, and hotels/motels became necessities that accelerated the economy. People had more leisure time, so they often went for a car ride around town, shopping, or watching a drive-in movie. Since the auto industry was at an all time high, other industries tied to cars (glass, steel, and gas) were doing fairly well because they were practically the fuel to the auto industry altogether. The growth in sales called for more immigrant labor, and declined union membership within the companies. Mass production made consumer products more affordable to the average American family, which was the main stepping stone for America onto becoming the consumerist society that it has developed into today.

Clearly, mass production and advertisements in the 1920s influenced national American culture immensely. Mass production contributed mostly through the auto industry which affected every aspect of American culture because it gave people the opportunity to explore



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