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Kudler Fine Foods - Evaluate Advertising and Promotion Programs for the New Product

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods - Evaluate Advertising and Promotion Programs for the New Product

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Evaluate Advertising and Promotion Programs for the New Product

Kudler Fine Foods definition of evaluating advertising and promotion programs for the new products is "when the prototypes are ready, they must be put through rigorous functional tests and customer tests" (Kotler & Keller, p. 652). Kudler Fine Foods must analyze revenue, sales, and inventory needed to supply the organization companies in Italy and Australia. The organization will evaluate ads and promotions, use focus groups and surveys distributed to potential and existing customers to cease an opportunity for improvement on new products. Incorporate a tracking system of where and how customers and potential customers learned of the Kudler Fine Foods new products through specific codes on coupons. The promotional program for the new market in Italy and Australia begins with analyzing and tracking sales figures and inventory for the advertising campaign will allow the organization to adjust the advertising and promotional precuts accordingly. The organization has options to hire a firm to use external focus groups to evaluate advertising and promotions or coordinate in-house structure to locate users of similar products to receive feedback. The feedback will allow Kudler Fine Foods to discuss and evaluate promotion of new products. Continuance tracking customers purchase on new and existing products through satisfaction surveys by mail, telephone, or the Internet. Kudler Fine Foods will offer customers incentives to participate in surveys through offering free samples, contest, discounts or coupons. Kudler will have displays and demo new products to receive feedback from consumers and evaluate the success of the marketing strategy.


Kotler & Keller. (2007). A Framework for Marketing Management (3rd ed.). New Jersey: Pearson-Prentice Hall



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