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Media Influence on Teenagers

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Essay Preview: Media Influence on Teenagers

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Fortunately or unfortunately the mass media is a huge part of our life. Nowadays we can find it everywhere and at anytime around us (newspaper, radio, adverts, movies, etc.) which can have advantages and disadvantages. It means that the mass media can have negative and positive effects on our life; obviously it also depends on the recipient (age, gender, taste, values). Presently it has a big part of shaping today’s teenage girls behaviour which is not risky if they are aware of the dangers and they know how to use the social media tools.

I think the riskiest thing in the whole mass media is the internet.

There are plenty of positive arguments for the internet for example develops the mental and societal skills, the vocabulary furthermore it is easy to get a lot of knowledge. It is also an advantage that nowadays not just the teenagers but younger children acquire so fast how to use the modern technology what is really good for the future and for the present as well. On the other hand we can rate the biggest problems to the advantages like showing them unrealistic body types, ‘beautiful’ appearances and ‘perfect’ personalities which means they already having a disfigured world image in their head about how they should look and act like.

Nowadays not just the teenage girls but the boys as well spending most of their times on the internet and most of them live their life through the social media what means they share everything about themselves probably things they shouldn’t share, which can be really dangerous. Let’s take a simple example: if we go on Facebook we already can see a plenty of article of ‘Let’s try the newest and the best diet’ or ‘How to get a perfect body in one week’ which is not even realistic and probably there is a picture in it of a woman with a ‘perfect’ body and an ‘amazing’ face which is nothing else just undiluted Photoshop. Also after these you can find some article who’s title is ‘Accept yourself the way you are’ or something similar which tell us that we shouldn’t even change an inch of ourselves and trying to teach us how to love and how to be satisfied with ourselves as the way we are because we are perfect in- and outside as well. I think I do not even have to say that it is confusing the teenagers.

The other problem with the ‘living their life through the internet’ is that they got in touch with strangers who they don’t even know. Some teenagers doesn’t even know how dangerous can it be to put a simple photo on any social media tool without taking any safety cautions for example adjust that only their friends can see what they post. There is a plenty of stories about teenagers whose get in touch with strangers and end up in a really bad way. As for me I think that parents should take responsibility about their children’s social life as well and check it sometimes because sometimes the teenagers do not even



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