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Media Influence

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Essay Preview: Media Influence

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Application: Media Influence

Rebecca Bauer

CRJS 6420

April 7, 2013

Walden University

Application: Media Influence

"The mass media is often the public manager's most effective method of communicating with the public" (Cohen, 2008, pg. 291). Whether or not this media coverage is positive or negative if an organization has a "hot-issue" these organizations would rather use the media for the cause. This application is going to provide an example of a public issue, the media, and the outcome of this issue. Also within this application two strategies will be provided that I believe are most effective when dealing with the media.

One public issue that happens every four years is the president elections and the media is very involved. The media throughout a presidential election does influence the public on issues that voters should be caring about (Wood, 1999). The media also gives the public criteria on how a presidential candidate should be evaluated. Another public issue the mass media had a huge influence on and some believe the media coverage was unfair, unethical, and brutal was the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewisnsky sex scandal (Wood, 1999).. The media was all over this issue hounding Bill Clinton even after he was leaving office (Wood, 1999).



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