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Media Is the Most Powerful Tool of Communication

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Essay Preview: Media Is the Most Powerful Tool of Communication

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Media is the most powerful tool of communication. It helps promoting the right things on right time. It gives a real exposure to the mass audience about what is right or wrong. Even though media is linked with spreading fake news like a fire, but on the safe side, it helps a lot to inform us about the realities as well.

"The world is moving towards progress in every walk of life. But when we look towards societies, it feels as if some thing is still missing. Money, power, lust, etc., is the wish of every human being to attain. But we can't deny this fact that we all are bounded with loads of social problems, which are hard nuts to crack. Social issues are matters which directly or indirectly affect many or all members of a society and are considered to be problems, controversies related to moral values, or both. Social issues include poverty, violence, corruption, bribery, suppression of human rights, discrimination, and crime, killing in the name of honor, etc.

"Media has a constructive role to play for the society. Today News Channels and even some Newspapers are mouthpiece of some social issues, which helps us to estimate the realities of lives. Media has played an important role in order to focus on the social issues in almost every era. It is the fact that in most of the eras, media were not being given free and fair chances to explore the issues of society more openly than it is being given now; but we can't deny this fact that the issues were always raised in order to provide justice to the people. Pakistani Media has expanded it's chain during this era, and many cases and issues were brought under one umbrella, which showcase us that even today, we are bounded in the barriers of loads of problems and issues, which is to be sought out. Now, the time has arrived, when we need to re-think about our attitudes towards society.

"I must say that there is an association between the development of mass media and social change and I must praise media for showcasing social issues."

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*Most Powerful Tool of Communication

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