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Ethics in Print Media Communication

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Reputation is built upon sound reviews. Take, for example, a restaurant. It needs employees that will provide friendly service, an atmosphere to make the customers more pleasant, and a talented chef to provide excellent food for his customers to eat. Those customers that ate at the restaurant will then tell their friends, family, and co-workers how enjoyable this restaurant was, and somewhere down the line they will tell others because we trust that person who told them in the first place. So then what happens when one of the referred friends or likewise goes the restaurant and it dissapointing? They will then be disappointed and refer others not to go there. The same can be applied with an author looking for an editor. The editor needs to make sure that they understand what is to be edited, express what they edited, and the finished product be accepted by the author. If there are any complications in any step to the finished product, then the author will tell others. This will affect the editor in the sense that they will be embarrassed by that recognition of past behavior.

Article Summary

The article "Examining Editors-Author Ethics: Real-World Scenarios from Interviews with Three Journal Editors" is about understanding editors and the ethics involved when working with authors in different scenarios. This is beneficial because it will clarify the ethics used by journal editors in their exchanges with authors. It deals with honesty, and how most authors that the editors have encountered have been honest. It deals with how much honesty the editor does tell the author, and why the editor would or would not accept an article from the author. It also deals with whether the societal role of the author has an impact with the editor, and if the editor has a code of ethics they use when making decisions when working with the author. The article concludes that an editor should always be aware in how they respond to the author because other authors or editors will hear about it.

Reason for topic

My interest in this article and the topic resides on the fact that I would like to become an editor. I always thought I had a knack for sitting down and reading an article and editing its punctuation and grammar to perfection. I was wrong. There is more than punctuation and grammar in editing material. There is a set of rules and regulations. Overall, in my editing class I learned that there are three editing strategies to use in order to be a more effective editor; clear, concise, and compassion. The editor needs to have a clear understanding of what the author wants as an outcome of this editing process, be concise in editing the material for the author's audience and how the editor expresses to the author what needs to be edited. Editors need to make sure that they use compassion in expressing to the editor what they did well and what they need to improve on.

Way to be more competent

I can be a more competent communicator by being aware that my actions are interpreted by others on how I behave.



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