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Medical Field Through Art

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Medical Field through Art

According to Doctor Gary Christenson, 2015, “Studies show that incorporating the arts can save money, improve the patient experience- and do a lot more.” According to research “art is a powerful tool for teaching that helped medical students/doctors become more adept at observation and encouraged them to move away from making assumptions.” Medical students strive hard to familiarize themselves with medical practices, identifying parts of an organism, etc. Studies have shown that incorporating art within its studies can make a better doctor, improve the experience of their patients within their stay in the hospital, arts can help prevent disease, arts can also have therapeutic benefits. The field integrates literary, performing, and visual arts and design into a variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purpose.

Appreciating arts for a medical student helps them to hone their skills and observations within their studies. Referring to what studies have shown, incorporating arts in the medical field provide a lot more ideas or other ways to take care of their patients (not truly an alternative treatment). As a medical technology student, realizing art can help to efficiently study; implementing different art methods to identify, classify, and manage. Evaluating the satisfaction of every patient, improves one medical practitioner by experience, creative ideas, being observant and accurately diagnose. Also the medical students recognize and advocates the role of the imagination and creativity in developing and maintaining health.

Every medical student needs to find ways to work with art/ incorporate art through their studies to enhance them because professionals and services in arts in medicine provide patients, their family members, caregivers, and other health-related populations with opportunities for creative engagement and expression that support health and wellbeing.



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