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Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is on of the most helpful and eco friendly plant known to man kind. today the plant cannabis sativa is taking Huge steps in its history from a deadly drug. to a world wide known medicine for many different types of patients.

today you can get your medical card in many states. as long as your over the age of 18. but this plant is for medical se only and other uses of the plant are illegal under federal law. i personal think its stupid if we all smoked we in the world i think we would be allot more peaceful. im not saying it should be legalized, but decriminalized. this is because the mafia and other mafia organizations would get pissed off because this is a major money profit for them. if the state of California would legalize and tax the plant they would have enough money to pay back all debts to the country's we owe to. also we would sav alot more money because the cannabis plant doesnt need as much water as the other crops such as cotton and corn. hemp is also ten times stronger than cotton and last longer also can be used for more things than just clothing such as food or oil tires. marijuana is the best thing in the world and everybody smokes it. did you know that the research they had done with the monkey back in the day.. the only reason the monkeys had had brain damage is because they would pump 20 joints worth of smoke into there faces and brain every five minutes and they monkeys werent getting any oxygen into there brain and thus had gotten brain damage.



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