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The High Times of Medical Marijuana

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Essay Preview: The High Times of Medical Marijuana

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The High Times of Medical Marijuana

Many may think marijuana is great for any illness or disorder, but it may respond different with every patient. Marijuana is not a miracle drug or a cure it is simply a helpful medicine for a wide variety of illnesses. Marijuana is not intended to replace medical treatments but used to compliment them. No overdose or deaths have been reported from cannabis which makes it extraordinarily safe. It is believed that medical marijuana can help Alzheimer's disease, Anorexia, Anxiety, Aids, Arthritis, Autism, Cancer, Depression, Glaucoma, HIV, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, and stress. While the list is not complete of all the illnesses it can help; the list of illnesses marijuana can help keeps growing. Although it does not treat the disease itself it does help provide relaxation and comfort for the patient. Medical marijuana helps patients with Alzheimer's by being able to get better sleep; it also reduces depression which can help deliver better function of the brain. Some doctors believe by using marijuana can protect from Alzheimer's if it is used early in life. It is believed that the THC in marijuana can help retain memory function. One has to think should I smoke marijuana to prevent Alzheimer's, or just use that as an excuse. Marijuana also eases the symptoms of Aids and HIV patients with the common symptoms of Nausea, anorexia and wasting. Marijuana can provide critical relief for these patients. No other medication have worked for anorexia or wasting syndrome other than marijuana.



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