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Mgmt 5007 - Why Is Turnover Often Considered a Motivation Problem?

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Essay Preview: Mgmt 5007 - Why Is Turnover Often Considered a Motivation Problem?

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Management and organisational behaviour


Assignment – 3

Case presentation

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Rahul jain – 19114903

Lecturer: Dr. Rashmi Sahai



Why is turnover often considered a motivation problem?

There is a high level of turnover rate becomes the issues and problems in the HB department. This can be justified by the fact that in eight years, the six managers are changed. Basically, it occurred due to numerous areas like first is that every manager has its own strategies and method of working (Ali, 2013). Besides that, the new manager needs time to understand the working environment of the firm even if they have a long past experience. So, such area influences the FAB Sweet productivity of factory and quality of production.

Other than that, the working environment of FAB Sweet Limited tends to be drop for the employees of production department because they are focused on performing the same task in day-to-day out and are not rewarded sufficiently for their hard work. The repetitive work never helps the employees to learn new skills. Similarly, lack of training session also affects the employee personal development and organisation growth (Wang, 2012). This practice de-motivates the employees and it results in the turnover.

however, there is a lot of conflicts occur between men (Producer) and women (Packer) supervisors due to improper communication. Both supervisors turn the blame on each other for breakdown and other problems within the firm which might be the results of excessive pressure put on the individual by the managers (Di Serio et al., 2013). Thus, these areas give rise to the improper working environment. In a similar manner, dissatisfaction also occurred among the personnel of FAB Sweet Limited due to varied reasons such as wage scales, poor grading system and the high work pressure, especially in afternoon. There is no feedback or performance appraisal system exists and because of this, the employees do not know about their weakness where they need to make improvements. This particular area tends to be a critical area for the company as if he/she do not familiar with their performances then how they will get improvement. Thus, such problems tend to be the serious limitation of FAB Sweet Limited as dissatisfied employees never give their maximum contribution to the organisation and it reflects in the performance of the organisation.


How would you analyse the department problem using expectancy theory?

According to Vroom expectancy theory, it is identified that an employee's performance is based on the individual factor like personality traits, skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities etc. Vroom stated that effort, performance, and motivation are interlinked to each other. He used the variables to present the relationship and it includes the expectancy, instrumentality, and valence etc (Renko et al., 2012). However, expectancy shows the belief of individual towards the increased performances by putting all efforts in it. While instrumentality indicates the belief that if an individual performs well then, he/she will surely achieve the value outcome. Valence is the variable that reflects the expected rewards. It means that if the individual is putting their efforts with the aim to earn additional money then only offering of monetary reward will make them motivated. Thus, to have right valence is quite important for motivating the employees (Nasri and Charfeddine, 2012). In regard to this theory, it is analysed that good performance can only bring through desirable rewards that push the people to put their full effort on the task. The proper planning of organisation towards motivating the employees is important for achieving the desired result through retaining the talent. But, the Case of FAB Sweet Limited is failed to address such areas and due to which the problem of turnover occurred.

In reality, the FAB Sweet does not focus on the motivational areas like reward and recognition. The company neither involve in performance appraisal process nor training session. That's why the individual not found any way to motivate themselves and decide to resign from the workplace (Estes and Polnick, 2012). This becomes a reason for six managers' turnover over the eight years.

As per the Vroom, expectancy theory, employee's expectation can be fulfilled by reward and incentive. Such a strategy can be developed through proper setting of goals by companies. In regard to this, the FAB Sweet fails to address such areas as the company never pay attention towards objective development for the employees as it follows single goal which is to earn the large profit. Thus, this irresponsible behaviour of the organisation towards its staff proves to be ineffective with respect to productivity and sustainability.

On the basis of expectancy theory, it is analysed that FAB Sweet Limited is lacking in the introduction of reward and recognition system and due to which both producers and packers demoralise to bring any improvement in their performances (Liao et al., 2011). Besides that, the employees also show their fewer efforts because of improper working style in which no training session and feedback is provided. Thus, these limitations of business give rise to the issues and problems in FAB Sweet Limited.


How would you have solved the motivation problem?

In order to overcome the problem of motivation, there is a need to figure out the areas where businesses are lacking to adopt. Likewise, there is no reward and recognition strategy are used by the company (Salas et al., 2012). In relation to this problem, it is recommended that FAB Sweet Limited should introduce the performance-based reward system. In this, the business provides a reward to the individual as per their performances. This step could motivate the employee to do better in future task performance. Besides that, the training session will also help the personnel to bring improvement in their work actions. It is suggested to FAB Sweet that it should conduct the weekly or monthly on-the-job training for the employees so that they could learn new skills and perform the activity with specialisation. Thus, both reward and training session would be the best solution to enhance the satisfaction level of employees.



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