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Motivational Methods

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Motivational Methods

Many organizations around the globe have found that flexibility in the reward system and in job design results in its employees having increased longevity with the organization, improved productivity and better morale. There are many different was of motivating employees as there are companies in the business environment. Some strategies are more prevalent across all organizations striving to improve employee motivation. The most effective employee motivators, focus on what the employees seem to be important. Several that stand out are empowerment, creativity and innovation, learning, quality of life, and other incentives.

Learning for the employees can be a motivator. If the employees are given the right tools and the chance to do more, most of them will take it on. Employers can motivate the employees to do more by committing to enhancement of employee skills. Accreditation and licensing programs for the employees are becoming more popular and are an effective way to increase employee knowledge and motivation. Most of the time, these programs. Create desire. See the rewards of your effort clearly. This motivates many to sign up for get-rich-quick plans. A good salesman can have you living in your imagined dream home in minutes, and you'll feel motivated to do anything to make it real. Learn to be your own salesman.

2. Create pain. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming they teach you to link pain with not acting. An imaginary scene of your wife walking out the door with another man, as you sit there silently - that might motivate you to have that talk you've been avoiding.

3. Talk about your plans. By the time I tell my wife about the newsletter I'm going to write, I'm out of my slump and back at the keyboard.

4. Have a true interest. No interest at all might mean you need to do something else, but if it's just a task you dislike, relate it clearly in your mind to the greater goal. I don't like to drive, but when I remember those mountains I'm going to, I get motivated to drive.

5. Have energy. Caffeine will substitute for health for a while, but one way or another, you need some energy to have daily motivation. Exercise, sleep well, and watch out for sugary foods - the "sugar blues" will kill your motivation.

6. Create the proper mental state. It's hard to be depressed and motivated. Resolve some of your negative feelings, or at least do your important work when you are in a better mood.

7. Take a small step. Commit to raking up one bag of leaves, and soon you'll want to finish the yard. Any small step towards your goals feeds your daily motivation.

Now you have seven ways to self-motivation, but you have to actually use them. How do you get motivated to do that? Oh the irony! You'll



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