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Mgt/216 Week 4 - Ethical Issues in Management

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Essay Preview: Mgt/216 Week 4 - Ethical Issues in Management

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Ethical Issues in Management

Managers can face daily decisions to ensure that they are leading by example in their managerial position. Managers must make sure their actions are fair, honorable, and reasonable to employees and customers is the groundwork of good ethical decision making. In today's society ethical issues are becoming extremely complicated because of global and diversification in corporations. A broad explanation of diversity stems from personality and work style to all the visible dimensions such as age, race, ethnicity, or gender and to also to be influenced by religion, social economics, and education (Lockwood, 2005). In this paper, I will describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers, explain the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices apply to diversity, an example of a workplace diversity ethical dilemmas and the legal aspects management face while dealing with the issue. In addition to legalities governed or should be governed.

Managers have a reasonable ethical duty to uphold the policy and the procedures of the company, so his or her ethics and morality is essential to employees. Managers can face various issues such as: diversity, work ethics, and discipline. However, diversity plays a major role in how an organization, which can exemplifies that they are a company that can be open to an assortment of employees within the organization. According to Thomas (1992), dimensions of workplace diversity, but are not limited to: age, educational background, ethnicity, race, parental status, sexual orientation, ancestry, physical abilities/qualities, geographic location, income, gender, marital situation, military skill, work experience, and religious value. When hiring, managers should consider the open dynamics of each applicant's personality, openness to adaptability, and professional skill. Greenburg states, "Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves, but how they perceive others." A manager's moral is suggest that he or she understands what is right and wrong, including his or hers ethics will be impartial and credible in the workplace. Managers must be thorough when dealing with ethical situations across the company to show consistency, and fairness while enforcing company's policies.

In explaining how the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management relates to diversity. Many corporations understand the pressure of being involved in social issues in the communities. A manager's individual's value, morals and attitude can clearly influence one's ethical behavior. Social responsibilities in regard to good business and is formally recognized, in which business activities have a positive impact in decision-making. To better explain, it could be considered for a business person taking advantage of a situation for his or her own personal interest rather then the best interest of his or her employers.

Issues to resolve diversity within the workplace are complex and they create ethical dilemmas awkward to resolve. Trevino, Nelson, and Wiley (2007), it explored an ethical dilemma of facing how a very conservative client will react to the attire of a capable and gifted associate who will be overseeing the clients account. Although the associate dresses in a more colorful religious manner, the company expresses concerns about how to approach the associate in a respectful manner and the approach



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