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Ethical Issues and Management

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Essay Preview: Ethical Issues and Management

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In an organization today, the success of team management is what will make a business successful or what will make a business fail. When it comes to managing, mangers have several tasks and responsibilities such as; making sure their associates are doing their correct; arriving to work on time. Mangers have to also make sure that their associates understand their goals and that the goals are clear and concise so that the job is completed accurately and making sure that each associates expectations are being met as well.

The task of supervisors goes far beyond management. Supervisors have to make vital decisions on a daily basis that may affect their associates, and possibly the organization depending on the situation. Managers are usually in charge of hiring, performance, evaluation, discipline, and termination. Mangers are also involved in any situation that pertains to harassment and diversity, and then they must make a conscious effort to set a good example for their associates. This paper will focus mainly on termination; describe the moral and ethical issues faced by mangers that deal with terminations; and explain how relationships between social issues and ethically responsible management practices when applied to termination. I will also provide a workplace example of an ethical dilemma involving termination within the organization I work for.

When speaking about termination, performance evaluations, verbal and written warnings, all these things do have moral issues since they all deal with truthfulness, equality, and self self-respect of the individual that is being termed, evaluated or given a verbal or written warning. Mangers play a vital role in increasing engagement and building an ethical way of dealing with situations within an organization. Regardless of all the different ethical and moral situations that go on in an organization, it is very important to handle each situation cautiously, delicately, and carefully apply the repercussions toward all of the associates, by doing this it will generate the same ethical conclusion with respect to the values of the method.

The relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices is that a manger must decide what is best for the entire staff. It is the same in social settings as well. If someone is acting out and disrupting other associates to where they are not able to get their worked finished, then the right thing to do would be given warnings and write ups and if the disruptive associate does not improve, then the right thing to do would be to terminate that associate.

There are all kinds of federal laws that protect the workers' right when it entails, periodic evaluations, authority and being terminated from the job. Numerous lawful solutions for associates who believe they are victims of unfairness within an organization. Mangers must be able to discipline their associates in an appropriate manner. Mangers must ensure equality among their associates in regards to discipline so that they stay within and obey the United States guidelines and procedures when operating an organization. When working in a position of management it is very important to understand what an associate can be terminated for. It is against the law to terminate an employee for things like discrimination of race, sex, age, orientation or whistle blowing.

For an associate with disciplinary



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