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Micro and Macro Environment of Avon

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Essay Preview: Micro and Macro Environment of Avon

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Education. What is it really, and what does it really mean to me? Education is the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill, mind, character, etc. Education can be given anywhere, such as school, home, but actually it can be given everywhere. Everyone is given education in this world today. Education also plays an important role in getting a job in today's world. Education is an essential part of my society, without education I would not survive long. The main purpose of education is to teach, and pass the information to those who needed, to another. It gives me power to make better choices in life. I am passing on my knowledge of what I know, so that my family and friends can make it better. Education is very valuable tool in my society, and I know how important it is to me. Without education there is nothing in this world today. Every little existent in life requires education. It is a tradition in my society to have a good education. As a seventeen-year-old, I have not fully experienced and discovered the responsibilities, but I do live in the emulous world, and I am fighting to be the best to achieve my goals that I have placed for my life. I want to reach my goal, which is to be an Dentist, and I will try all my best, but it is all up to me to work hard.

In this article, "Computer Education Is Vital for Students of the Future", Riley (1995) argues that it is necessary to adopt computer technology in education for the future generation. Our generation faces the digital age and this is the time to join it. If technology is adopted in education, it will make better future. Also high productivity, beneficial education and long-term advantages are expected.

America has attempted to develop their education and thereby the Goals 2000 which guides education was established. There are some information tools such as computers and communication networks known as superhighway information.



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