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Essay Preview: Mindfulness

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Mindfulness-Chapter 1 of Interpersonal Effectiveness explained that mindfulness was an essential part of interpersonal effectiveness. I really need to work on this aspect of interpersonal effectiveness as I know that I have a tendency to become complacent. I have learned from this course that I can practice this skill by first being aware of my surroundings and then by being focused.

Personality and Social Influence- I don't necessarily struggle with the "who" of "who" I am but what I portray to people. I think once I get mindfulness down packed I can master the "me" that the world sees. By being aware of my surroundings and the company I keep at all times I can better determine how I influence people. In a social setting my friends can help me develop my personality per a group and this will also help my social influence as well. In a professional environment I would look to my superiors to help me determine what part of my personality to reveal so as to remain socially acceptable.

Assertive Communication and Conflict Management- Avoiding conflict due to my lack of the ability to assert myself without angry words has really taken its toll on me. I really hated sitting and stewing in my own anger and emotions. I now know that I can express myself without hurting feelings or flying off the handle. Interpersonal effectiveness has taught me to express myself assertively by, sticking to the facts, interpreting behavior, reflective interpretation, projecting consequences, and stating my intentions.



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