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A Beautiful Mind Film Journal

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Essay Preview: A Beautiful Mind Film Journal

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Attempting to summarize a film of such profound depth and meaning is truly a difficult, if not impossible feat. I found myself enthralled and stunned on many occasions based on nothing more than the elaboration of the human spirit and its desire, if not destiny. The production facilities ability to create an eerie and matter of fact Misen-en-Scene' throughout the complete story was obviously the product of true professionals and real life life advisors.

Subtle irritations occurred during my purposeful editing portion of this assignment. I found the occasional appearance of bothersome apparitions understandable, but found myself impressed at the Professors ability to distinguish between reality and his version thereof. I was bothered by the fact that no matter the amount of time that had passed or the amount of adverse happenings that had occurred, the lifelong fight for this stories main character would obviously never end. This gave insight into the lives of so many people afflicted with some sort of mental illness, that no matter the length of time that has passed, these circumstances are some that must be dealt with and lived with, more so than terminated or made to be " Better".

To have any specimen live a pseudo normal life within the confines of schizophrenia causes cease to ones preconceived notions of mental instability. This movie, this man has proven that the human spirit may and can triumph past limitations set forth by physical limitations, and more so, mental/emotional diversity.

It is my belief that the production staff, directors and characters were doing there very best to display the vulnerability of all human life. To pick such an innocent, yet profoundly intellectual subject to complete this task was nothing shy of brilliant. To enable a population of people to change their ideology about the mentally handicapped, and have them shown as superiors and peers, vs. incapable and needy burdens is a unique perspective and an educational experience. I have also achieved a new found respect for those whom I myself, have entitled needy, inept or incapable. The need to walk a mile in a mans shoes prior to casting judgment remains a prevalent factor in today's world as it did in biblical times. Judgment is and should be held for a higher court. That court can be a man made version or one established centuries prior and set on tablet by our forefathers. The lessons seem to be the same. Judge Not, lest ye be judged...Walk a mile in a mans shoes before assigning a title or stereotypical definition to any living being.



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