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Modern Technology -- Internet

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Modern Technology-Internet

On twenty first century, as technology moving forward, people have had various modern devices, vehicles and electronic technologies. One of the most useful and popular technologies to people is internet. As the technology of internet improving, people can complete shopping, ordering food, and studying knowledge without getting out of home. It is absolutely correct that internet brings people the convenience. But every coin has a flip side; internet has brought many serious problems and issues when people are using it. Some of the problems that internet has brought are health problem on physique and psychology, online scams and data lost by virus attack with malware, pornography, and reduces communications with others. Thus the paper is concentrated on the problems and solutions.

Health problem on physique and psychology is one of the serious problems. For many people, internet is of course a convenient technology to the normal life; and most people admit that internet brings them much convenience that they never had in their previous life after the emergence of internet. For sure with internet people can stay at home all day long to do what they want to or need to do. But internet has changed people being lazier and lazier, which means health is losing. The obvious examples are that it reduces people's frequency of joining social activities and physical exercise. People further prefer to use social networking website such as the FaceBook and Twitter to keep in touch with the outside world, and stay at home all day long. Even though more and more people realize that it is an unhealthy style, they still depend on it, and being enmeshed on it every day. Furthermore, internet causes addiction to people. It is difficult to the people who are addicted to internet to control negative situations of their own sentiments. The mind of internet addicts will become extremely excited and unable to stop. Also become anxious, gloomy, and apathetic to interpersonal relationship. Many addicts take these negative sentiments into study, work and normal life, and then it causes a strong impact on physical and psychological health; even some serious addicts will harm themselves and take suicide. "Therefore, we overviewed the relationship of internet addiction and suicidal behaviors in this article. The relationship between internet addiction and suicide was confirmed. The first is the biological approach related to reward systems, cognitive function, brain neurotransmitters, and gene expression. The second is the psychopathological approach associated with depression, anxiety, impulse control, and substance-related disorders including diseases such comorbidities. Finally, the third is the socio-environmental approach related to the contextual stimuli and social isolation and alienation caused by the lack of support and low self-esteem. In conclusion, internet addiction is significantly associated with suicidal behaviors." (From: KoreaMed)

By the network technique, it is frequent for criminals make online scams. The behavior has become a big threat to individuals and organizations. Even it is becoming a social security problem and causes big lost to societies. Because the legal security system is not impeccable yet, fraudulent crime is still rampant and serious. As the author said, "Stealing mail or rummaging through rubbish, eavesdropping on public transactions to obtain personal data stealing personal information in computer databases through the use of hacking infiltration of organizations that store large amounts of personal information impersonating a trusted organization in an electronic communication Spam."(From: Is the Internet Good or Bad) By the source, the information is very persuasive to show how much damage internet can bring. People should be very careful of using internet and should not optionally enter any password and information on any websites. On the other hand as everybody knows, internet is flooded with various adware, viruses, and online scams. A huge number of people lost money and benefit by online scams each year. It has rise many public concerns, and for this problem governments have paid much attention on it but get nothing improved. "The number of reported Internet scams dropped slightly from previous years, but the total lost jumped by $40 million, according to the report released Thursday by the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. The report, based on data from the Internet Crime Complaint Center, shows that more men than women were scammed over the Internet. The average loss for men was $765; for women, $552. The report also shows the amounts lost increased with age. Victims in their 20s lost $385 on average while people over 60 reported lost an average $760 per scam." (From: CBSNEWS) According to the report, the total lost is so high, and most of the victims are the people who are under 25 and over 60. Criminals use people's chaste or greedy mind to achieve scams. They would usually use a baiting to catch people's attention such as cheap price for a product than markets, credit card issues, and lotteries. It is reasonable to believe that the total lost by online scams will unceasingly rise up year by year.

About pornography, it is another serious problem that caused by internet has influenced teenagers' behavior and psychological health. In the growing process of a human, teenager-period is very crucial. At the period, teenagers begin an extreme growth and approach mature. They do not even know what should be and what should not be, or what should do and what should not do. That fact is that all children and teenagers are naturally inquisitive about every fresh thing in the world. They fancifully want to have a look, try, play, and learn. Originally these natural behaviors are good for the growth, but it has distorted and ruined teenagers' health by browsing pornography when they surf online. In other words, pornography is



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