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Does the Modern World Place Too Much Reliance on Technology?

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Essay Preview: Does the Modern World Place Too Much Reliance on Technology?

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Qn: Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology?

The modern world has placed too much reliance on technology. A breakdown in technology, such as a loss of electricity, would bring societies and economies to a standstill. Excessive use of technology depletes many natural resources that are not easily replaced and results in a wider technological gap between developed and poorer countries. While technology has improved our standard of living and made our lives easier, we should use it in such a way that benefits the people and the environment.

Technology, which means the development and application of tools, machines, materials and processes that help to solve human problems, is a wonderful thing. Now, you can have a cell phone with Internet access with the capability to take pictures and video. With computers, all the information you could ever want is available on the Internet with a few keystrokes in a search engine. Technology has undoubtedly linked the world together, making it seem so much smaller and interconnected. Even tedious household chores such as washing clothes have been made so much easier with the invention of the washing machine. Industries rely on machines to increase productivity to generate more revenue. Entertainment in the forms of television programs and computer games are all made possible thanks to technology. Transport in the forms of airplanes, vehicles and rockets.

Technology improved the way we live, providing us with many benefits and more efficient systems of organisation and carrying things out. Our lives are so governed by technology in so many aspects and spheres of our lives that many fear the loss of human independence. This has spawned copious science fiction movies and books that imagine modern world dominated by machines and robots, relegating Man to the backseat. Technology has been used to improve our welfare but in this age of uncertainty, over-reliance will be harmful because we will be left helpless if technology fails on us one day

We must still rely on our own skills/human abilities because technology cannot come into place every single time, and we also cannot allow technology to 'intrude' into every part of our daily lives

Humans have placed reliance on technology to progress economically and socially. We find the need of technology to maintain pace of progress, for example, in the development of nuclear weapons to ensure that the country's nuclear armaments are modernized and are on equal footing of the other developed countries. For developing nations, it serves as a vehicle of progress in terms of standard of living. This could be through the sales of technology to increase income or using technology to improve the lives of people. This is possible through several ways, for example, technological tools like social networking sites which can help connect potential business partners and allow for political mobilization.

However, technology has yet to infiltrate certain aspects of our life. Our ability to think and feel



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