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Modest Proposal on Colorism

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Essay Preview: Modest Proposal on Colorism

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Jacquetta Heriot

English IV



Colorism has been a problem in America for centuries and this has caused seperation between races, which isn't beneficial for improvement of the nation. It is just another bump in the road for a nation trying to assimilate all of its people into one big “family”. Colorism is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to assimilation. To come together as one, American citizens haveto accept the fact that everyone around them won't be the same color and that every person should receive equal treatment. The color of a persons skin plays a big part in how that person is viewed by others and brings many stereotypes and assumptions towards that person, which could be all wrong.

  A persons skin color should not determine the type of treatment that person receives or how much money a person should make. According to “The Forber List”, Caucasian males earn far more money than males of any other skin color. This is insane! Why should one particular group of people have this much dominance in economic status? Also, “The Forber List” added that African-American males are at the bottom of the economic status list, with their average income at only $1.00. Most African-Americans are on the darker side of the spectrum and most Caucasian s are on the lighter side of the spectrum. So why do Caucasian males earn far more money than anyone else? In my opinion, colorism plays a big part in the economy, politics, and social relations. Colorism is bad for business and could ultimately make a nation that is trying to assimilate, fall apart.

   To solve this problem, I came up with a solution to make sure that equal punishment is ensured when a darker or a lighter skinned person tries to discriminate using the color of someone's skin. For darker skinned people, they have to have their skin scrubbed with bleach until they are completely pale white. For lighter skinned people, they have to tan their whole body and have their body tattooed black. This should stop discrimination because now, that person has become the color that they hated at first. This should teach the citizens of America how to respect people of a different color and how to not judge based off of a persons skin color. Statistics show that 58.8% of African-Americans wish that they were a lighter skin color and 58.9% of Caucasians wish that they were a darker skin color. My proposal grants their wish so everyone could be happy and this would make it easier to assimilate.

    In conclusion, colorism is a major problem in America and makes a huge gap between the different skin colors in the nation. Caucasians naturally earning more money than any other race or skin color is definitely not a recipe for togetherness and assimilation. I believe that all skin colors should receive equal treatment and shouldn't be discriminated against over something that they can't control. All darker skinned people are ordered to get bleached white and lighter skinned people are tanned and tattooed black. This solution helps America as whole and allows an equal oppurtunity for success. This proposal should be taken seriously and i expect for it to be placed into action as soon as possible.



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