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Modest Proposal

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As a victim of the cheating, lying, and hurtful scandal of infidelity myself, I can relate to the majority of women who have been personally involved with unfaithful men. About fifty seven percent in America admit to committing infidelity in any relationship. I blame those men for women's trust issues, insecurity, and hours of asking why. These men who feel one women isn't quite satisfying enough, I'd like to see how they feel with no women at all. If my intentions may seem too cruel, get involved with a disloyal man and then we will talk. Trust me.

For all those hurt by a no good cheating man, I gladly purpose the torture and pain of all unfaithful guys for as long as they have accused any women pain themselves. Men deserve every bit of embarrassment, shame, and guilt if emotionally or physically unable to stay with one girl. By eliminating unfaithful men from society or just simply making their bad choice known, allow single women everywhere to know who not to waste their time on.

To start off, all women deserve to be informed of a man's past, good or bad. Once a cheater, always a cheater. To make it publically known without any chance of cancelling their unfaithful ways, a mandatory tattoo of "CHEATER" should be put on their foreheads. The past cannot be erased and either should their labeled heads. This not only benefits the women be giving them a fair advantage of being aware of the type of man she is interested in, but also reminds each cheater everyday when they look into the mirror of their bad choices.

Secondly, all men that have committed any act of infidelity would be placed on a "cheaters" list. Like most people that are caught and convicted pedophiles, these men would be added on their own list. Being considered a publically known cheater will limit their ability to be near ant women. All men on this list must stay at least a minimum of 20 feet away. This will make sure each and every cheater feels the torture of loneliness due to their selfish actions.

Thirdly, all divorced women due to infidelity or unfaithfulness would have the satisfaction of knowing their ex husbands could never be married again. These now single women could go out meet new, non-cheating men easily and not worry what their poor exes are doing with other women because they can't do anything by law. When two people get married they make vows saying to stay faithful and devoted to one another and if they can't do that with one woman they shouldn't be given the chance to again. This will be a great way to get revenge but also help prevent men from making bad choices to begin with. Hopefully this will make marriage more meaningful and lower the divorce rate.

Fourthly, nothing is worse after a break up than a woman being left all alone because her man has left her for another woman. Due to the countless



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