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Motivating and Compensating Employees Simulation

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Essay Preview: Motivating and Compensating Employees Simulation

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Motivation and Compensation Employees Simulation

Employers who search for ways to have a successful business must obtain a well-designed compensation plan that will motivate its employees. As a company grows, its main objectives should be to retain and motivate the employees. Magic Grafix is company that has been operating for three years with 100 employees. As the designing and developing tactics have changed for Magic Grafix, 40 more employees were needed. However, after six months 30% of the employees have left the company. Most managers or employers are not trained in how to handle employee attrition. Therefore, to reduce the attrition level in the business realm, managers or employers may consider taking a training class to prevent employees from leaving the company. The first step an employer may consider taking is to identifying or recognizing the reality that the employee may be leaving. This paper will focus on interviewing techniques, selection tests, performance appraisals, and other corrective measures useful to Magic Grafix.

Interviewing Techniques

Employment interviewing can be very tedious, depending on the interviewer. The human resources (HR) department will center attention on interviewing techniques beneficial to Magic Grafix. Before Magic Grafix HR team begins the interviewing process, they should become abreast of solid interviewing skills. According to Lanza (2012), hiring the wrong person can be costly and can cause a company to have a lost in productivity, time spent on recruitment, and employee morale. Although the HR management team focuses on the candidate's skills and experiences, they should also discuss other characteristics of the candidate. The following pointers will aid the HR management team of Magic Grafix in becoming excellent interviewers, (1) base interview on current job, (2) ask the same questions to every candidate, (3) take detailed notes, (4) use multiple interviewers, (5) provide extensive interviewing training, and (6) do not discuss answers of the candidates (Cascio, 2006).

Selection Tests

"The use of tests and other selection procedures can be a very effective means of determining which applicants or employees are most qualified for a particular job" (The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 2010, para. 2). Magic Grafix had over 35% of the employees at Magic Grafix claimed that the company did not explain clearly what was expected of him or her nor the job description. Several tests are available to employers, cognitive tests, physical ability tests, and sample job tasks. Cognitive tests are geared toward assessing reasoning, memory, perceptual, reading comprehension, and knowledge of a particular job. Physical ability tests focuses on the physical ability to perform a job using certain muscles of the body, and strength (Cascio, 2012). The final tests are sample job tasks. These tests mainly deal with how well an employee or candidate performs specific job related tasks such as simulations, work samples, and realistic job previews (EEOC, 2010). The recommendation of the HR management team is to use the sample job tasks. This choice will allow HR to see how well the candidates or employees can perform the job duties of the position.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal is a necessary component of performance management. Some managers would say that the first step to praising performance is hard because it involves a break with tradition (Cascio, 2006). Performance appraisals have several components to help Magic Grafix to improve the work performance of the employees. The performance appraisals should also help the employees to realize



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