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The Blind Side - a Movie Analysis 2009

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Essay Preview: The Blind Side - a Movie Analysis 2009

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The Blind Side

The movie, The Blind Side (2009), depicts a remarkable true story about a young African American man named Michael Oher who lives a troubled life. Michael's mother is a drug addict and for his father, he has never been a part of Michael's life. During the film, Michael is Seventeen years old and has been in foster care for almost all of his life. Michael has had little formal education because of the lack of him having a strong, loving family to support him through his life. The film takes place in Memphis, Tennessee which is where Michael goes to school.

Michael goes to school with a young man by the name of "SJ". SJ's mother, Leigh-Ann Touey, comes to pick up SJ from school one afternoon and sees Michael, whom everyone calls "Big Mike". Big Mike looks lonely but Mrs. Touey doesn't pay it much attention at first. One late night after one of SJ's basketball games, Sean Touey, Mrs. Touey's husband, was driving home in the rain from the gym when Mrs. Touey, sitting in the passenger seat spots a young man and says "Over there!" She sees Michael walking down the road and asks him where he is going. He responds and says "To the gym". When Mrs. Touey realizes that he has no place to go, she tells him to get in the car.

At first, Michael is uncomfortable in the home because it's new to him and also because of the fact that he hasn't ever really had anyone to help him out. Mrs. Touey tries to make Michael as comfortable as possible. After spending a few weeks at the house, Michael decides to ask Mr. and Mrs. Touey if they will help him get his driver's license when he turns eighteen. At first they are hesitant to say yes but end up giving into Michael. Mr. Touey buys Michael a brand new Ford F-150 for Michael to drive. Recently, a new video game had come out that Michael and SJ want to buy. They ask Mrs. Touey if it would be ok if they could go get the movie and she says yes. While on the way to pick up the game, a truck backing out of a neighbor's driveway backs into the road right before Michael is approaching. Michael had nowhere to go so he had to hit the truck. Neither one of the boys were seriously hurt but SJ could have been killed if it weren't for Michael putting his arm in front of SJ right before impact to save him from hitting the air bag. They are both extremely lucky to not get hurt tremendously.

After a few months in his new home, Michael is influenced by SJ to join the football team at school. With a little help from tutors, Michael gets his grades up high enough to where he can play on the team. At first, Michael doesn't get the hang of the game but with a helping hand from his pal SJ, Michael starts practicing better. Michael is six foot five inches tall and weighs nearly three hundred and nine pounds, which is great size for



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