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News Article Review

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News article 1

A business man named "Wellman Shew" was a sentence ten days in jail , and ordered to register as a sex offender as well as probation for four years. The man was guilty of putting a tape recorder in the ladies restroom. He videotaped one of his secretaries in the restroom. Shew had many excuses to blame his guilt. He had mentioned he had an addiction for pornography. Right when Shew said he had an addiction for porn, that should have been a red flag.

First of all this man has no right t b putting video cameras in the ladies restroom. Second of all, this took planning. I am sure it took him a while to plan the whole thing out; in regards to where to put the cameras, in order for them not to be seen. Evidentially this man was a complete maniac. He was a married man as well. He definitely had the malicious intent to do what he did. As well as executing this whole malicious act.

The man was charged after policemen found evidence. Police found fake plants which contained video cameras as well as box compartments that had holes on them. Not only was that found, but very uncalled for pictures in his work computer where found. This is a lot of evidence that was found. This man was a completely maniac, with compulsive porn desires.

I feel like there was enough evidence to charge this man. I feel like Shew should have been in jail longer than ten days. What he did was a big deal. He indeed had a malicious intent and planned the whole thing. I am sure he had many more victims that never found out they were victimized. This man is disgusting and should have been held for a longer period of time in jail.

Did I mention Shew was also receiving therapy as he was committing his perverted acts. He and his wife were receiving therapy. Shew came forward and agreed to his addiction to pornography. That just shows how even therapy can't cure this man. This man was guilty without a reasonable doubt.




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