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Music Is a Language We All Understand

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Essay Preview: Music Is a Language We All Understand

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Music is a Language We All Understand

Good morning, everyone.

There is a "language" that the whole world can understand. It is the voice from the heart. It can experience the endless wonderful as long as you feel it with your heart. It is everywhere and everyone loves. Can you guess what it is? All right, it's music. So today let's together know more about this "speak language".

Music is an unique human form of communication. As with language, there are many different kinds. In North America, people listen to jazz, rock, classical, folk, country, and many other kinds of music. Each kind of music has its own rules and "speaks" to us in its own way.

Let's begin with classical music. We know, all over the world people listen to classical music. Classical music is difficult to describe. It means different things to different people.

At first, the classical music composers did not tell a story or show strong emotions. They just wanted to make beautiful and interesting music with lovely sounds.

Later composers started to express ideas. They told stories about love and war. They also wrote about religion. Sometimes they composed music for holidays. Through their music composers showed strong emotions.

Classical music has beautiful melodies['melədi], rich emotion and rhythm of clear and orderly. It can aroused one's resonance['rezənəns] in his inner feelings and dance with the rhythm of the music, make the physical and mental pleasure, stretch and health.

Classical music is an independent sect with succinct artistic trick and pursues emotional expression. When we hear Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert's music, it brings us the most sincere feelings, or quiet, elegant, or shock, inspire, or joy, happiness, or sadness, melancholy ......

The next "speak language" is folk music. It refers to the popular folk songs and folk instrumental music, including folk dances and folk opera music.It has distinctive ethnic and local characteristics. Folk music is basically a creation of the talented people who are not known and tend to perform author and performer.

Folk music has concise and succinct language, vivid images, rich and diverse performance practices. It is not only the best performance of the character of the people's thoughts and feelings, but also the best reflects of the nation's customs, labor conditions and social life.

The last one we are very familiar with is popular music. Popular music often has a recurrent tune, distinct rhythm, simple body and plain harmony. It has a wide range of topics, styles and diverse, including the popular songs, dance, opera and so on.

Pop music is now closer to our emotions and life. When we go to the parks or shops, we can always hear different kinds of popular



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