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Natural Resources & Technology

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Essay Preview: Natural Resources & Technology

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Natural resources is that part of this world which helps us survive and which covers almost every part of this world. In short without these resources the life in this earth is impossible because of these aspects we living beings are living in this earth. Today's technology has reached a greater heights, people can talk with the people miles away, people can see another people from another places on their computer screen, not only this technology has made life easier by different means. though the technology has provided human beings many facilities without technology people can live but without natural resources people cannot even survive in this earth.

Natural resources since some decades have been found to be degrading day by day because of rapid growth of population, use of natural resources without utilization, rapid growth of technology and many more. So people instead of choosing technology to make there life easy they should also think of natural resources and growing naturally, we are not only destroying nature but we are also taking lives of many living beings, animals, birds and other endangered living beings.Going green, recyle, reuse and other aspects should be applied in our day to day life, use of plastic materials should be stopped because it leads to pollution and in long run it even leads to green house effect.

So human beings from today from now, should stop being selfish and should also think about the nature and save nature by applying many methods in there day to day life and using appropriate amount of technology.



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