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Resources for Students

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Resources for Students

A variety of resources is available to prepare and support students. All students, especially new students, are encouraged to use the resources to full advantage.

Student Web Site

One of the most valuable resources for new students is your personal University of Phoenix student Web site. It is through this portal to the world of information, located at ecampus.phoenix.edu, that you gain access to Services, Publications, and Links.

Examples of Available Services

* Current schedule and grades

* Access to information that students may use to plan their academic program

* Center for Writing Excellence

* Center for Mathematics Excellence

Examples of Available Publications

* University of Phoenix Catalog

* Mission Statement for the University

* Student Notification of Privacy Rights

* Student Records documents

Examples of Available Links

* Tutorials

* Downloads such as the Adobe® Acrobat® program, viewers for Microsoft® Word documents, PowerPoint® presentations, and Excel documents


The university now offers workshops for students. The following is general information regarding workshops that will enhance your skills in computer usage, Internet research, study skills, time management, APA formatting, and much more!

New workshops are constantly being developed. To find information on currently offered workshops, please check the Course Materials forum of the OLS classroom.

Available Workshops

* APA Student Workshop - This 3-day workshop introduces students to the basic elements of APA. Students learn key components of APA formatting and practice identifying and correcting instances of noncompliance. Exercises include formatting a variety of in-text citations and creating a reference page.

* Student Research and Utilization - This 3-day workshop is an introduction to research utilization. The workshop focuses on orienting students with the University Library and the Internet and emphasizes best practices for searching and utilizing these research tools. Students review the basic skills for organizing research results, maintaining academic honesty, and meeting APA requirements.

* Student Technology



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