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Nature Vs Nurture

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Essay Preview: Nature Vs Nurture

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Nature or nurture? Which plays a bigger part in a person's life? That's psychology's big question. As of now, psychologists think that both play an equal part in someone's life. Nature is ones biology, as in what they were born; it is something that cannot be controlled. Nurture is the being, how someone was raised, and what the kind of environment the person was raised in.

Specific examples from my own experiences prove that both nature and nurture have a heavy impact upon anyone. While growing up, I noticed that fixing something came naturally to me. Since then, I've learned from experiences how my nurture can help me enhance my abilities. I've learned to fix everything, from electrical mishaps to technical errors. Virtually anything that is broken, I can fix. My biology, included in my nature, enables me to use my skills in situations where I need to. The first advantage my nature has given me is height. Standing at 5'9" I have a height advantage over most people my age. I can reach things up above cabinets on the wall. Along with height, my vision is impeccable. Having perfect vision benefits me in more ways than anything else does. Clear eyesight is the key to being a skilled repair man. Nails and screws, along with other small objects, tend to fall from my hands while fixing something. Without hesitating, I can see exactly where it landed, no matter how small the object may be. Along with these skills comes simply the time I was born. Being born into the technology era helps me tremendously. From various different tools being invented, such as the power drill to an electric saw, these tools helped me enhance my fixing abilities.

Along with nature, nurture also played a big part within my life. Nurture is the environment I was brought up in. Growing up in a family where everything was fixed by someone in the family, I was bound to develop my own skills to fix things. My dad constantly fixes things around the house; it is his weekend hobby. Ever since I was little I used to watch him fix things around the house, and even sometimes let me help out. My uncle also owns a repair shop, which is close to my home. In my younger years, I spent countless hours at his "fix-it" shop. From then to now, I still work at his shop on occasions. The items to be fixed range from televisions, video game systems, to even toaster ovens. Since my uncle had the fix-it shop, I had an unlimited supply of tools at my hand. Whenever I need a tool, I visit his shop to see if he has it, before going anywhere else to purchase tools. Along with the idea of my family helping me enhance my nurture of fixing things, television also greatly helped. Since my father is into fixing things himself, he subscribed to the "do-it-yourself" network. This is a television channel, which shows how to do certain projects, step by step. It's very informative and I get a variety of techniques from that channel.



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